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Size Matters™. It's all about the size of your truck. They say living up to a name can be one of the hardest things to do, but the XL really is the Ultimate Pickup Line. Designed with the same careful attention to detail that has made our other vehicles beloved by their owners, the P2XL features a full pickup bed behind our spacious cab. This is the truck. You work hard, so play hard. Make your next truck, a SportChassis®.

SportChassis® saw the need and the P2XL is the solution.

Optional Michelin XZL 425/65R 22.5-in. tires available (4 tires not 6).
Does your business need to make a statement? Do you want to be the topic of conversation at any event you attend? Are you ready to be the talk of any event? The P2XL gives you notoriety and the ability to arrive in style and comfort to great ballyhoo. No need to hire a spotlight with this beast. You'll be center stage! Wrap one of these in you personalized logo or message, and no one will be able to honestly say they missed it!

Sacrifice has been part of buying a vehicle since day one. How often have you wanted all the power, control, stability, safety and raw power of a heavy duty truck and needed the versatility and functionality of a pickup bed? The P2XL is the best of both worlds without using the word sacrifice.

What's so special about the XL?

  • The standard full size pickup bed is mounted on the Freightliner M2106 Chassis and raised approximately one foot.
  • Optional Tonneau Cover allows safe and secure storage in the entire bed.
  • Features the standard SportChassis® ride enhancement package.

The advantaged to towing with a SportChassis® is pulling your trailer using the frame rails, not the body. This ensures that the structural integrity of the body remains sound even after hundreds of trips and hundreds of thousands of miles.
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Why work harder than you have to? Choose business class performance and make a choice that will serve you well for years to come.

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